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Summer Housing

Want to live at tEp this summer? Feel free to email xi-chancellor@mit.edu with questions!

Take a look at the sky, what do you see? A purple haze, perhaps? A giant flying squid? Millions of microscopic xiohazard symbols? If any of these objects apply to you, then you have found a home...

Come live at tEp over the summer! In addition to being a very creative and welcoming co-ed fraternity, tEp attractions include:

  • Large, climate controlled rooms (yes, we have central AC! No more dealing with scorching hot rooms or installing complicated window units)!
  • Numerous summer social events and gatherings every week!
  • Fully-stocked fridges and an industrial-style kitchen for the ultimate cooking experience!
  • A fully customizable house! Wanna paint murals in your room? Hang stuff from the ceiling? You're free to create your own space here (pending house manager approval)!

Check out the answers to some of our frequently asked questions below:

For the entire summer: $2500 for a spot in a quad, $3000 for a triple, $3300 for a double, and $3500 for a single. This includes access to food and all of our facilities.

June 1st and August 25th, although our move-in date is flexible. If you need to move in slightly sooner (May 27th - 31st), that's fine.

The sooner you sign a contract, the more likely we'll be able to give you the room of your choice. We can't guarantee you any particular room, however, since we do our best to maximize the overall happiness of our boarders when assigning rooming.

tEp does not allow dogs to live in the house. If you would like to bring a cat to tEp this summer, your room options will be limited and you must contact us well in advance to discuss necessary constraints. Fish, nonvenomous reptiles, birds and small rodents are generally acceptable, provided that they are kept in enclosures and cared for/maintained entirely by you.

Use common sense here. If you would like to have someone regularly sleep over, or have a friend staying with you continuously stay with you for a week or so, that is okay. However, if someone is spending the majority of their nights at tEp, or is staying at tEp continuously for multiple weeks, they will be considered a resident and required to pay rent.

In short, no. tEp is interested in housing people for the entire duration of the summer. If you accept a spot at tEp, you are committing to paying rent for the full three months regardless of how much you're actually around.

tEp regularly purchases bulk orders of food from Sysco, and organizes a communal cooking plan for weeknight dinners. All residents, schedule permitting, will be expected to help cook dinner/clean up to one night a week. This food is open to all tEp residents, and payments towards the food plan is mandatory.

Our rooms are first come, first served. You get to pick your room type (single, double, triple or quad) when you sign a housing contract with us. So, the sooner you commit to living with us, the more likely you are to get your preferred set-up. If you have a preference for a specific room in the house, let us know.

Yes! But, tEp ensures its ability to collect rent from MIT students on a monthly basis via registration holds. Since we cannot do this to non-MIT students, we require that they pay the entirety of their summer rent before moving in.

tEp is one block away from Newbury Street, a five minute walk from no less than 7 coffee shops, a Trader Joe's, and a 24-hour Star Market, not to mention dozens of restaurants. Additionally, it's about a 15 to 20 minute walk to campus, and MBTA buses run across the bridge almost constantly.