Current Rush Events

Old Rush Events

Friday, February 3

Italian Feast

Enjoy the finest Italian food Maggiano’s can produce while discussing whether it’s proper to use fabric softener whilst laundering money. Learn about “cleaning the lint screen.”


Squids is our weekly social night. Recommended attire: gray sweater vests, turtlenecks, and/or tweed suits.

Saturday, February 4

Robot Building

Have you ever wanted to build a robot, but didn’t know how? Have you ever wanted to make a robot whose legs were literally spinning dildos? Come build a robot for Hebocon, our annual crappy robot competition.


Enter your crappy robot in our sumo-style knockout competition, or just watch the other contestants face off. Warning: high levels of absurdity and catastrophic failure.

Dumpling Dinner

We made a dumpling mountain. Come help us defeat it with the power of your hunger!

Sunday, February 5

Playing With Ropes

When is a knot not for naught? Should you take a bit of a bite of a bight? Come over and see what you can do with a few hundred feet of rope.
The fortress that you’ve always wanted but never had. Build and defend your cardboard castle today! BYO siege weapons.
We’ll build a tower all the way to the fifth floor… and then call in the demolition crew. Hard hats provided.
What happens when you twirl al dente spaghetti at 3000 rpm? It’s like Deepwater Horizon all over again.

Food Orgy

Our biggest feast yet. The only rule: you can’t feed yourself. Grab a friend and head over to tEp!

Monday, February 6

Deliver a PowerPoint presentation without any idea what’s coming on the next slide! Good practice for real life. Once your presentation is over, help us craft the next slide deck.

Duck, Duck, Chili

Come on over for a Thai dinner. If it gets too spicy for you, we have indoor water and running toilets.

Tuesday, February 7

Cook Haus Fud

Join Team Tuesday in their battle against pork groin, leafy vegetables, and that mysterious smell in the left refrigerator. Cooking experience not required.

Haus Fud

Come enjoy a home-cooked meal after the first day of classes. Ask us about the food fight rules.


Our weekly hot cocoa study break, with bread, cheese, and other tasty snacks.

Wednesday, February 8

What’s for dinner? We don’t know either. Come join tEp’s culinary experts in the ultimate cooking challenge.

Thursday, February 9

Movie Night

Enjoy your last day of freedom before the problem sets return.

Friday, February 10

Hemiformal Party

Our first party of the semester. Dress code: hemiformal! Rent a tuxedo and split it with your friend.

Saturday, February 11

Alumni Dinner

Meet some recent and not-so-recent tEp alumni over dinner. We provide the food, they provide stories and advice. (Ask about what happens when you attach handcuffs to a fire sprinkler.)