Current Rush Events

Old Rush Events

Saturday, September 2


Best dumplings EVER (vegan-friendly option provided).


Cover yourself from foot to toe in mesmerising fractal patterns. Extra feet and toes will be provided.


Come sample delicacies from the five major food groups: cupcakes, regular cakes, eclairs, bon-bons, and souffles.


Location: tEp
Experience over 1000 pounds of non-newtonian fun. What could go wrong?

Sunday, September 3


tEp has brunch every Sunday morning. Come join us for what is objectively the best meal.
Have you wanted to build a robot, but worried that you wouldn’t know how? Have you wanted to make a robot out of Barbie limbs and HotWheels? Come try it out in our annual robot competition!

Bleached T-Shirts

Like tie-dye, but with more oxidation! Materials provided, designers wanted.
Watch said derpy robots battle to the death. Some of them might even move.

Italian Feast

The finest Italian dinner and desserts tEp has to offer at this specific time.

Lost in Boston

Boston has famously confusing intersections and pockets of weird organization within the entropy. Come explore the topology of this strange city and maybe grab dessert.

Monday, September 4

Waffle Architecture

Once upon a time, someone told you not to play with your food. Come build your masterpiece out of waffles, fresh fruit, and marshmallow fluff (and eat it too).
How many milk crates can we stack in the center stairwell before they fall over? Hard hats provided.

Cannoli Hunting

Join us on a trip to the North end to hunt one of Boston’s most elusive dessert species: the cannolo. Don’t forget to leave one at Paul Revere’s grave.
We have a lot of instruments and you are all amazing musicans. Let’s make the next Top 40 song.

Tuesday, September 5

tEp Talks

Us tEps have honed our skills and knowledge like the edge of a very sharp knife. Come eat donuts and listen to (occasionally) interesting lectures from the self-important weirdos of tEp!


Why settle for a half-truth, when no truth will do just fine? Get the finest bullshit from an accredited institution! MIT’s expert orators will entice your ears and defy your senses! Don’t miss the 22nd annual bullshitters’ Olympics!

Spice Cream

Have you ever had rosemary flavored ice cream? How about lemongrass? Garlic? Siracha? Join our flavor extracting experts in a quest to invent Ben and Jerry’s next famous flavor.

Wednesday, September 6

Flashmob on the T

Phase 1: Pick a thing to do in public. Phase 2: Do that thing in public, pray for attention.
Have you ever heard of a magnon-polariton? How about sopressata? One of these is a magnetic wave and the other is an Italian cured meat. You’ll never guess which is which.

Dr. Seuss Cocoa

One cocoa, two cocoa, red cocoa, blue cocoa! On the first day of classes of every week, tEp has a hot cocoa study break with lots of cheese and other snacks. While a cocoa’s a cocoa no matter how small, this one is particularly special. Ft. Dr. Seuss read far too dramatically

Thursday, September 7

Duct Tape Bondage

If it moves and it shouldn’t, add more duct tape. Come duct tape us to the wall.

Break our Doorbell

The tEp doorbell can play sounds between 10 and 60 Hz. Come program it for yourself, or just find tEp’s resonant frequency.
Like listening to bleep bloops? Let’s generate some! They only have to be pleasant if you want them to. After this session you are guaranteed to become a world-famous techno DJ.

Friday, September 8

Many features of nature can be described in terms of fields. Come learn about electromagnetic fields, corn fields, and our noble president Gabe Fields.

Food Orgy

We have more food than we know what to do with and have to eat it all. One rule: you’re not allowed to feed yourself. There are few better ways to meet people than this special networking event.

Saturday, September 9

Espresso Crawl

How many sips does it take to get through all of the coffee shops in Boston? The world may never know.
Prepare your minds for true enlightenment that can only be achieved through applying a strong electromagnetic field to pickles.

Sunday, September 10


Fill your stomachs, heart, and pineal glands. tEp has brunch every Sunday morning. Join us for the spiritual awakening that is getting out of bed on Sunday.
What’s for dinner? We don’t know either. Come join tEp’s culinary experts in the ultimate cooking challenge.

The Crock

Come one, come all, to tEp’s annual Comic Rock Opera!

Monday, September 11

Enlist with Team Monday and aid in their quest to feed a house full of hungry tEps.

Haus Fud

We have a family-style dinner every Sunday through Thursday night. Come eat with us!


tEp has Cocoa the night after the first classes of the week, every week of the semester! Come over for cocoa, breads, cheeses and get to know tEp!

Tuesday, September 12

Enlist with Team Tuesday and aid in their quest to feed a house full of hungry tEps.

Haus Fud

We have a family-style dinner every Sunday through Thursday night. Come eat with us!

Wednesday, September 13

Enlist with Team Wednesday and aid in their quest to feed a house full of hungry tEps.

Haus Fud

We have a family-style dinner every Sunday through Thursday night. Come eat with us!