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Sponsor a Fleitsuit

Want to sponsor a fleitsuit for a tEp on campus? Shoot an email to HoffHoff (sjh2021@mit.edu).

The house is running low on fleitsuits and needs a little support to get more purple people walking around campus. Fleitsuits can be pretty expensive (around $222 each), but the house is a little tight on excess funds at the moment.

If you'd be willing to donate $122 (or any amount) to help subsidize a fleitsuit for a tEp in need, it would be greatly appreciated.

If you'd like to contribute AND receive your own fleitsuit for $322, fill out this form so that we can send in your measurements.

Money can be donated through the alumxi paypal at alumxi.com/donate. Please make a comment in your donation that it is for fleitsuits and shoot HoffHoff an email (sjh2021@mit.edu). (Checks may also be sent directly to the house.)